photoshop enthusiast, series junkie, passionate gamer, streamer, computer nerd and more.

Who Am I

Heyyy, It's-a me, Marc! I'm 22 y/o, video games are my passion, photoshop my church, linux servers my bible and lines of code my verses. I have some own projects (few listed below) and love to help out in other projects. So if you need help, sponsored webspace or something else, contact me (form below) and I'll see what I can do.

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  • Server-Bench Logo

    Server-Bench is a simple project with a list of servers and direct comparisons of hosters and their products.

  • NothingTV Webspace Logo

    NothingTV Webspace

    NothingTV Webspace is a webspace sponsoring project. Use the contact form below, if you're interested. More information

  • NothingTV Webspace Logo

    NothingTV Analytics

    NothingTV Analytics is the analytics tool for nearly all my projects (powered by matomo).

  • Flames per Second Logo

    Flames per Second

    Flames per Second - founded in 2014 - is a "different" community project. We offer different things like Gameserver, Public TeamSpeak Server and we have many plans for the website.


Deprecated projects

  • Tactical-Gaming Logo


    Tactical-Gaming was one of my first public projects - a community project. I closed it due to several reasons.



There's nearly nothing that says more than some stats
from the projects I've founded and support.

  • +234k Impressions
  • +821k Requests
  • +71k Unique Visitors

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You have questions about me, about a project I manage or support, or need help, or webspace sponsoring, or something else? Then use this contact form and I get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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